Early Intervention Orthodontics Melbourne


No Braces

At NoBrace, we use a variety of removable appliances that are designed specifically for each case.

A removable appliance can be highly effective as long as it is worn as instructed. Compliance is crucial if one is to expect success with anything other than braces. In simple terms, this means that some children need to wear plates 24 hours a day (any colour they like) for a number of months, depending on the severity of course.

Different appliance is indicated for different problems such as to expand or widen arches, to align teeth or to guide jaw growth and development. Most plates are efficient when used when the patient is still growing. This is why treatment is started ‘early’.

Fees vary depending on the degree of difficulty and are covered in the information pack.

A view from one of our senior dentists, Dr Richard Hu on the The No Brace Arch Development System

“My name is Dr Richard Hu and I am one of the Dentists who provide treatment at the No Brace Centre. 

 During my time in the practice I have seen the incredible results that can be achieved when we focus on arch expansion. Put simply, we put our effort into creating space for teeth rather than extracting them.

 It is my view that arch development (also referred to as arch expansion)  can provide a fuller smile which generally leads to a better aesthetic outcome.

 My approach is on early arch development in children to make room for the adult teeth before they erupt. Once arch development is complete, then we focus at straightening the teeth using other removable appliances.

I am very pleased with the results this treatment achieves. 

Parents are pleased by broad smiles and fuller faces they see in their children, even mid treatment.

If you are interested in considering an alternative to braces, then please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation.”