Does White Teeth Really Mean Healthy Teeth?

14 September 2016
Early Oral Care Melbourne

Many people associate white teeth with good health and youthfulness and this is one reason why tooth whitening treatments are so popular, but you shouldn’t be worried if your teeth are a less than dazzling white. Everybody’s teeth are a slightly different shade and this helps make us all so unique. The colour for a tooth comes from the dentine layer that is just underneath the hard opaque, outer layer of dental enamel. Initially, teeth are covered in a thick layer of enamel but this gradually thins with age, allowing more of the natural tooth colour to shine through.

Provided your teeth are free from decay, they will still be perfectly healthy. What’s more important is the colour of your gums.

Are Your Gums in the Pink?

Healthy gums should be a nice pale pink, and when you touch them they should feel firm and will fit snugly around your teeth. If your gums look red or almost purple, or if they feel tender, swollen or bleed easily, then you have problems and it is time to see us. This is because you could have gum disease, a bacterial infection that is incredibly common.

Without prompt treatment gum disease will destroy the gums, the ligaments holding your teeth in their sockets, and eventually the bone surrounding your teeth. It is the major cause of tooth loss in the world, but the good news is that the early signs can be completely reversed, before any permanent damage is caused. Once you have healthy gums, they are relatively easy to maintain through good daily oral hygiene that includes brushing and flossing.

Regular examinations are the best way to detect any early signs of gum disease and our friendly dental team can also advise you on tooth and gum care at home.