Caring For Your Little One’s Oral Health

14 September 2016
Early Intervention Orthodontics Melbourne

Great oral health starts early and habits formed while your child is young can last a lifetime. You can start by gently cleaning their mouth before they even have a tooth, using a clean piece of muslin or a damp washcloth to wipe their gums, removing excess milk or formula.

When they do begin to get their teeth, make an appointment to come and see us here at The No Brace Centre. We can check your child’s teeth and jaw are developing properly, as well as advise you on how to best provide for your child’s rapidly changing dental hygiene needs. As your child gets older, get them involved and interested in their oral health. Let them choose their own toothbrush and kids’ toothpaste. They will need you to brush for them until they develop sufficient dexterity and the motor skills to manipulate a toothbrush. If they want to have a go at brushing for themselves, try brushing your teeth at the same time so they can copy your movements, or you can guide their hand as they brush so they get the idea.

You will find that we can also give you lots of advice and information on healthy foods for strong teeth, and we can work with you to reduce their risk of cavities.