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Helping grow little smiles into big ones.

The No Brace Centre exists to provide early dental intervention treatment, which helps children obtain better function and appearance in their dental arches before their teenage years.

Our Centres offer parents the opportunity of starting orthodontic treatment early, when their child is still in mixed dentition, that is, the child still has both baby teeth and permanent teeth. Our approach not only rectifies overall appearance but also enhances a child’s self-esteem and image at an earlier age.

As a young child, Stefanie was being teased at school as a result of her dental issues. She presented at the No Brace Centre with moderate overcrowding, a deep bite and a severe tongue thrust.

Using a series or removable appliances and continual myofunctional training, we were able to create a Class 1 bite, fit all her permanent teeth and develop a beautiful smile.

No extractions, no braces.

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